Shandong Yao Cheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. ,

  • R & D capability and process

      The company is a producer with high technology specializing in anti-corrosive, high-temperature resistant austenite, stainless steel pipes, nickel alloy pipes, titanium alloy pipes and complex metallic pipes, while taking charge of production, research and development for stainless steel pipes in 18M or more.

      In the company’s project, the area of the land is about 199,998m²and the area of factory buildings reaches about 16,578m². The company plans for the increasing construction of its production factories are to total of 5 buildings during the third quarter, and the plan for the first quarter has been recently finished, and the plan for the second and third quarter is under development. Cold rolling and cold drawing production sites, cold extension and drawing production sites, acid cleaning production sites were built during the first quarter, and JOCE stainless welding pipe production sites are planned to be built in the second quarter and CPE seamless pipe production sites will be constructed in the third quarter. The company’s total investment reaches 780 million yuan (about 130 billion won), and the first phase has already been completed with the investment of 220 million yuan. The annual production of seamless stainless steel pipe is 15,000 tons, the annual production of stainless welding pipes for the second phase reaches 45,000 tons, and the annual production of alloy stainless steel pipes for the third phase will become 200,000 tons.

      Products are provided with registered trademark of "Yaocheng", supported by an excellent team for manufacturing, technology and management formed through cooperation with famous players at home and abroad. In addition, complete quality management system has been established and will continue to be in operation. Advanced manufacturing equipment and sophisticated detection methods enable us to provide world-class products, receiving rave reviews from experts of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute.